VHA Society

The Vancouver Hebrew Academy Society is the governing body of the school. All VHA parents are eligible to join the Society. The Society meets once per year for the Annual General Meeting. This meeting is an excellent opportunity for parents to participate at a higher level, as well as to vote on important issues.

The Board of Directors, in consultation with Administration, handles general policy decisions throughout the year. The Board meets regularly to monitor the school, and set its direction. Copies of school policies are available upon request to any member of the Society. Members of the Society are encouraged to contact members of the Board to discuss ideas and ask questions. The minutes of each board meeting are posted in the VHA school office.

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2019/20 Board


Mr. Glenn Bullard

Mr. René Ragetli

Mrs. Rachael Lewinski

Mr. Adam Saunders


Mr. Valeriy Arustamov
Mrs. Rachel Gabay
Mrs. Shira Radomsky
Mr. Michael Sachs
Rabbi Yisroel Shurack
Mr. Richard Wenner
Mrs. Shainy Wineberg
Mr. Richard Wood

Executive Bios

Glenn Bullard


Glenn teaches high school English courses for the New Westminster School District. He joined the VHA board in 2008, after serving for several years on the board of Vancouver Hillel. Glenn and his wife Shelley are members of Congregation Schara Tzedeck. Glenn is currently the Board Chair.

René Ragetli


Rene was born and grew up in Vancouver. After high school he lived in Israel for four years.

Rene attended UBC earning a BA in Urban Geography and then an MA in Community and Regional Planning. While at UBC he worked as the program director at Hillel. After graduation he worked for several years as a planner before returning to school to complete a BEd. Rene has been involved in Education ever since.

Rene has been affiliated with Chabad of Richmond since 1999. He served as the Treasurer on the Board of Chabad from 2006 until 2018. He has also volunteered in different capacities with the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver.

Rene and his wife have had five children attend Hebrew Academy. Their eldest daughter graduated from VHA in 2002, their youngest is currently finishing grade 5. Rene served on the VHA board from 2008 to 2010 and again from 2015 to the present. He currently serves on the Executive Committee as the Secretary, and chairs the HR Committee.

Rachel Erlichman


Rachael was born and grew up in Vancouver and is a proud alum of Vancouver Hebrew Academy. After graduating from VHA, she went to Bais Yaakov High School in Toronto.

Rachael attended York University earning a BA in Business. While at York, She worked as the program coordinator at Hillel. After graduation she worked at Aish, a National Jewish Outreach Program for ten years as a program coordinator. She moved back to Vancouver in 2009 and has been working as the Director of Programming & Facilities at Congregation Schara Tzedeck.

She has been affiliated with Schara Tzedeck, Lubavitch BC and Congregation Beth Hamidrash. She has also volunteered in different capacities with many Jewish community organizations in Vancouver.

Rachael and her husband Ariel have three children Yaakov, Sophie and Hannah. Yaakov and Sophie are enrolled at Hebrew Academy, and Sophie will join them when she is old enough!

She has served on the VHA board from 2010 to the present. She currently serves on the Executive Committee as the Vice President and sits on many committees including the events and fundraising committees.

Adam Saunders


Adam serves as the treasurer at VHA. He was born and grew up in Toronto, and has spent about half his life in Canada, and half in the United States. He and his wife Galit moved here to Vancouver seven years ago and have very much enjoyed being here. By day, he teaches at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, and his other job is to be a dad to his daughters Levana (5) and Emuna (2). Levana is in kindergarten at VHA, and is thoroughly enjoying her experience!

He has been serving on VHA’s board since 2013 – even before he had children, as he and Galit believe quite strongly in its mission. The Vancouver Jewish community is one in which Adam and his wife both feel that “every Jew counts” and has a unique role to play here. They have had an opportunity to get to know so many different community organizations in their time here and have been impressed with the kindness they’ve seen. He looks forward to continuing to doing what he can to help VHA further its important work in the community.

Member Bios

Rabbi Valeriy Arustamov

Board Member

Valeriy immigrated from the Ukraine in 2001 and he and his family now reside in Richmond. He is a member of the Chabad of Richmond community. He has two children at VHA who are in grades 4 and grade 6. He has volunteered as a board member of the Hebrew Free Loan Association since 2015 and he has been a board member of VHA since 2015.

Shira Radomsky

Board Member

Shira Radomsky has been an active member of the VHA Board since 2017. Shira is passionate about her desire of making VHA the best place for educating Jewish children in Vancouver and for making it an inclusive place for families. Shira obtained a degree in International Relations from UBC with a Minor in Political Science and works for the Federal Government as a Research Analyst. Shira and her husband, Dr. Stanley Radomsky, have supported the capital campaign VHA has undertaken and are the proud parents of Davidi, in Grade 3, and Avi in Kindergarten.

Michael Sachs

Board Member

Mr. Michael Sachs is the Past-President of The Bayit Synagogue in Richmond, BC and has been an active member of many Jewish Organisation boards around The Lower Mainland.

Michael joined Vancouver Hebrew Academy’s Board because he feels a special connection to the school, the administration and the staff. Michaels dedication doesn’t end with sitting on boards, he is also a Jewish Community Activist who works tirelessly to advance issues important to the Community.

Michael is married to Shira Sachs who, herself is a teacher at a local Jewish school. They have 2 Children, Izzy who is in grade 1 at VHA and Desi who is still in daycare.

Rabbi Yisrael Shurack

Board Member

Rabbi Yisrael Shurack grew up in Long Island, New York. He attended Mayanot Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He has earned Smicha in the Laws of Shabbos as well as in Isser V’Heter. Yisrael moved to Canada with his wife Ettie Shurack in 2007 after spending a year living in London, England as Youth Directors. Yisrael has a BA from the University of Albany, a BSW from the University of Victoria and an MSW from UBC. Yisrael currently works with a local social service agency and is a marriage counselor, and comedian. Yisrael has four children, of which two of them are currently at VHA.

Richard Wenner

Board Member

Richard is a Wills, Estate Planning and Estate Administration lawyer. He has been extremely active within the legal profession, accepting leadership roles and assisting with projects that help to guide the profession.

Throughout his career, Richard has demonstrated a strong commitment to community through his involvement and leadership in Magen David Adom (Israel’s Red Cross), Schara Tzedeck Synagogue and Maimonides School Society (now known as King David High School).

Richard has been a member of the VHA board of Directors since 2015.

Shainy Wineberg

Board Member

Shainy Wineberg co-directs the Chabad Centre for Jewish Life along with her husband Rabbi Schneur in the up-and-coming neighborhood of East Van. Together they instill within the community a love and excitement for our Jewish heritage, holidays and tradition. As the proud mom of three VHA students, Shainy is constantly witness to the superior level of education, and warm and wholesome atmosphere that VHA invests in our students. Each and every day, as her boys run off to school with smiles on their faces, Shainy recognizes, once again, the privilege it is to be a VHA mom and board member.

Shainy has been on the Board since 2017.

Richard Wood

Board Member

Richard Wood has worked for Kosher Check for the past 9 years, in addition to being on the Board of VHA since 2017, he is also on the Board of Congregation Beth Hamidrash. Richard is married to Esther and is the proud father of Ari and Eliana.