Elementary Program

Judaic Studies

VHA’s Judaic studies program is designed to give students the confidence, skills and desire to live as Jews and to encourage a lifelong interest in Jewish learning. The skills-based curriculum has been developed within the framework of the school’s education philosophy to meet the diverse needs of our school community. Our goal is to provide the essential tools our students will need to allow them to continue and achieve success in their Jewish education through high school and beyond, in both formal and informal settings. Students study Chumash (Bible), Halacha (Jewish law), Jewish holidays and customs, Jewish History, Mishna, Talmud and Hebrew language. The Hebrew language curriculum is a comprehensive language acquisition program that also meets the BC Ministry of Education requirement for a second language.

General Studies

VHA prides itself on providing the highest standard of general studies education.  Using the British Columbia Ministry of Education curricular framework, our general studies program is customized by our staff to fit the individual needs of each student and each class. Our integrated approach to instruction includes exposure to the fine arts, as well as exciting and meaningful educational experiences. In addition, we offer a complete athletics program that teaches the importance of physical activity, individual achievement, teamwork and sportsmanship. VHA recognizes the unique opportunities and challenges inherent to each stage of a child’s schooling. Our educators strive to understand the developmental, social and educational needs of each student as he progresses through his schooling and work to maximize his learning potential.