Collaboration • Continuity • Connection

As of Tuesday, June 2nd VHA is beginning to offer in-school classes to the families who choose to learn in school (we call it VHA@VHA)!  For more details please contact the school office.  We will continue to offer remote learning through VHA@HOME for families choosing this option.

Dear Parents,

We are living through unprecedented times. Now, more than ever, the success of our children’s academic progress and more importantly, there social and emotional well-being, depends on the strength of the school-home partnership.

VHA@HOME, our remote learning model, is guided by three key objectives:


We want to work with you to provide the best possible educational experience for our children.  We have heard your feedback and incorporated what we have heard.  We hope that the conversation will be on-going.


We want to ensure continuity of learning.  The scaled curriculum will cover key areas of skill, development and content to ensure seamless grade advancement in the fall.


We all miss seeing your children each day.  In fact, that special relationship is the reason that we became teachers!  We will strive to maintain the warmth and closeness of that relationship even while we are physically distant.

Please use the sidebar to explore our support and resource portal, and contact us if you have any questions.