Additional Resources

Additional Resources

There are many online learning resources, activities and games available for you to share with your child.  Parents will need to determine what is/is not appropriate for their children.

Here are some ideas:

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Isaac Waldman Jewish Public Library

Keep Learning from the Ministry of Education.

Reading Eggs

Khan Academy


Sesame Street

Scholastic Teachables

Scholastic ScienceFlix

First Aid for Feelings: a workbook to help kids cope during the coronavirus pandemic

Museum of Vancouver: view some artifacts and learn more about them.

A variety of museums/art galleries: take a virtual tour of a museum or art gallery.

Games to Help Kids Think Critically: apps for ages 2 to 13+. Some are free and others are paid.

A variety of other resources: this article includes a large number of resources on a variety of topics for primary and secondary learners.