Parent-Teacher expectations

Parent-Teacher expectations

What to expect from your child’s teacher

Weekly Schedule

Posted to Google Classroom on Sunday

Daily Schedule

Posted to Google Classroom by 8:00 AM


Each day’s schedule will include live Zoom sessions with the teacher (learn more about Zoom here), pre-recorded lessons and print/digital materials. All necessary links and materials will be posted to Google Classroom.

Teachers of younger children may also send an email with these resources (as that is easier for younger children to access), but all resources will still be archived in Google Classroom.


Many teachers have created resource packages to be picked-up from school. We recognize that you may not have a printer at home and they will include everything that your child will need to be successful.


Teachers will be very busy during the school day, but will be making themselves available to respond to your child’s (or your), questions to ensure that students do not get stuck and miss out.  Teachers will be posting their “Office Hours” for students to ask questions.

We ask that you are respectful of teacher’s personal time and that students not email outside of school hours.

As always, our 24-hour policy will apply.  If you reach out to a teacher, you can expect to hear back within one school day.

Recognizing that we did not have Parent-Teacher Conferences before the break, Teachers will be reaching out to you in early May to discuss your child’s progress.

Social-Emotional Learning

As parents and as educators our highest priority is helping children to navigate this very uncertain time. To that end, teachers will endeavour to create opportunities for social-emotional learning and development, and you can look forward to additional programs such as Jodi Derkson’s mindfulness video.


The curriculum offerings for VHA@HOME have been carefully considered by the teacher and administration.  Some students will work more quickly than others.  Teachers will be providing OPTIONAL resources for those who wish to extend their learning.

Individual Educations Plans (IEPs)

If your child has an IEP, you will be contacted by the Administration to discuss which aspects of the IEP can be modified for the VHA@HOME experience. We are dedicated to working with available resources to set-up every learner for success.


Teachers will use a variety of assessment strategies to track your child’s progress. These will differ from subject-to-subject and grade-to-grade.

A modified Term 3 Report Card will be issued in June.  VHA Administration is working with Ministry staff to clarify reporting requirements for Remote Learning.

What your child’s teacher expects from you


Create a productive learning environment for your child(ren) which includes:

  • Quiet work space
  • Access to necessary technology/device
  • Create a schedule conducive to remote learning
  • Ensure availability of necessary supplies

Support & Communication

Foster your child(ren)’s attendance and engagement (age-dependent).

Teachers will take attendance during their live sessions daily. If your child is not able to attend the live session, please inform the teacher. If your child is not going to be participating on a given day, please let your teacher know.


Offer timely and constructive feedback to teachers. We want to hear how your child is doing, and how WE are doing. Please let the teacher know if your child is struggling with the work or if he/she finds it easy.